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Shoe Repairs

12 Jan 2015

Your feet spend a lot of time taking you from A to B, so you really need to ensure that you take care of them and the shoes you wear!  Why buy a new pair of shoes, however, when Minuteman can repair your shoes for you at a fraction of the cost?

Minuteman has been repairing shoes for nearly forty years now, and we offer a top quality, professional service with a quick turnaround time. One of the most common issues is the heels on ladies’ shoes wearing down if left too long without a repair - we can repair or even replace broken heels and ensure a longer life for your shoes.

Another problem area with ladies’ shoes can be the wear at the toe end, particularly in pointy-toe stilettoes. We can do an excellent repair using a tiny triangle to replace the little bit of sole at the front. These toe pieces can really extend the life of your shoes, and if your shoes need both heel repairs and toe pieces we usually have special deals available for such double repairs!

Sometimes your shoes are not necessarily broken or in disrepair, but just need a touch up in order to get them looking and feeling like new. We are able to repair broken straps or buckles on almost any shoe, and we can even paint or recolour your shoes to make them look brand new!

While some shoes and boots can still be repaired in the traditional way, some of the more modern shoes will require new technology, which Minuteman can provide. Blending a range of technologies and the best equipment allows us to achieve the best results possible, no matter which part of your shoe needs fixing. Bring your shoes in to one of our stores and ask us for some advice and a quote for your repair. Don’t throw away those great shoes; bring them in and allow us to bring them back to life!

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