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Safes and Burglar Alarms

5 Nov 2014

Having safe and secure locks, doors and windows is of course vitally important for the safety of your house or property. Another very effective deterrent to burglars is a burglar alarm – a number of houses already have burglar alarms, but all too often these go unused, or are not in a good state of repair.

If you have a burglar alarm in your home, how do you know that it still works? It is important that these are tested on a regular basis and the truth is that a lot of people do not even know how to do this! Another surprising fact is that many people still have burglar alarms installed but fail to have them monitored. The NZ Police advise that you should “Consider installing a monitored security alarm in your home” as a key method of crime prevention.

Alarms should also have a clearly visible presence on the outside of your building – always ensure that your alarm stickers are up and able to be seen. It is far better to avoid burglars even trying to target your home than to have the alarm go off!

A good alarm should be monitored and you should have confidence that your alarm installer and monitor really cares about you and your home – Minuteman can install and monitor your alarm, and as a local company you know you can trust us to do a professional job and look after your home and family. The alarm systems that we use provide you with peace of mind and use leading edge technology. They have been successfully produced and installed in New Zealand for over 25 years!

Yet another important (and simple) way to protect your valuables is the installation of a safe in your home. Remember that you don’t necessarily need a huge safe – purchase a safe which suits your home and the valuable which you have to protect. Minuteman has a variety of safes and we can help you to determine the best fit for you – you may need a fire safe, a floor safe or even a refurbished safe. Before purchasing one, ensure that you talk to the professionals to see what suits your needs and budget.

Once you have a safe, a few simple tips can help you to ensure that intruders cannot access your safe or make away with it.  Always make sure that your safe is bolted down – if an intruder can pick it up then they will!  Another vital piece of advice is, of course, to ensure that your safe is hidden. Some can be hidden behind walls or in cupboards, but even a simple hiding spot with a sheet or other covering can be sufficient to stop a burglar in a hurry.

Remember that when installing alarms or safes, it is always best to have a friendly, local professional helping you out – if you are going to make the effort of safeguarding your home, family and possessions, ensure that you do it properly and have the peace of mind that comes with good protection.

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