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21 Oct 2014

Unfortunately home burglaries are on the increase in Tauranga – according to a recent report, “less than half of all property crime cases in the region are solved, with unsecured buildings and vehicles the biggest issue for police." There are many simple ways in which a Minuteman locksmith can help you to secure your home from burglars.

One effective and important deterrent is a lock between the garage and the house – did you know that your garage can be opened in under 10 seconds from the outside using just a length of wire? A Tauranga locksmith could ensure that even if burglars gain access to your garage, they are still unable to enter your house – this is important for your peace of mind both during and day and at night while you are sleeping.

With summer on the way another great security idea is to put Security Stays on your windows. These are ideal for when you are at home and want the windows open but still have the peace of mind of knowing that nobody can enter through them. Ensure that you get a locksmith who rivets these on for you; unbelievably some Tauranga locksmiths still screw these on, and of course burglars simply unscrew them for easy access!

The New Zealand Police website recommends that you “install good quality locks and use them” and “use a reputable locksmith” when installing these locks and bolts. Some simple ideas to improve your security are to use slide-up bolts on your ranch-sliders – this is a very cost effective way to improve your security. It is also becoming more and more common for ladies to install a lock inside their bedroom door, particularly if they are single or their husbands are away for the night.

We recommend that you check your house to ensure that not only are your possessions secure, but more importantly that you and your family are safe. Minuteman locksmiths can help you with all of your security needs. Next time we will look at safes and burglar alarms, and just how you can best use these to safeguard your home and valuables.

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